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Doble Deluxe. Our Alcoba room gets its name from the Arabic al-qubba (domed room where valuable objects were kept) due to the canopy with which the bed is covered. It is located on the ground floor, with its entrance through the main courtyard and with two large windows that overlook the Calleja de los Arquillos, where an episode of the Cantar de Gesta de los Infantes de Lara took place. In it, the ornamental moldings and the colorful hydraulic floors, all original from the 19th century, have been restored. Arranged in a single space of 23 m2, it offers a bedroom and a living area with a bathtub in the same environment, as well as a spacious and comfortable bathroom with glass walls, with a rain-effect shower.

"Verdaderamente disfruté con lo que vi, y tuve nuevamente deseos de quedarme hablando, desvelado."

Amin al-Rihani. Viajero y escritor libanés (1916)


Princesa Wallada

Doble Deluxe. Our Princess Walada room takes its name from the Andalusian poet, daughter of the short-lived caliph Muhammad al Mustakfi (Córdoba, 994-1091). Its location coincides with the old noble area of the house, hence its frescoes, moldings and hydraulics, all recovered and original from the 19th century. With a balcony in each of its rooms, divided by arcades, in one there is a 2x2 King Size bed and in another a spectacular bathtub with views of the Calleja de los Arquillos, where an episode of the Cantar de Gesta de the Infants of Lara.

"Tengo celos de mis ojos, de mi toda, de ti mismo, de tu tiempo y tu lugar. Aún grabado tú en mis pupilas, mis celos nunca cesarán."

Wallada. Princesa y Poetisa (s.XI)


Ibn Zaydun

Doble Deluxe. Our Ibn Zaydun room is a tribute to the great Andalusian poet born in the Umayyad Córdoba of the s. XI. Located in the old noble hall of the building, it has two large balconies facing Calle Cabezas. In it, the frescoes on the walls, the moldings and the outstanding rose window have been restored, as well as the magnificent hydraulic floor, all original from the 19th century. A large bathtub built into the bedroom becomes the protagonist of the space.

"¡Ay, qué cerca estuvimos y hoy qué lejos! Nos separó la suerte, y no hay rocío que humedezca, resecas de deseo, mis ardientes entrañas; pero en cambio, de llanto mis pupilas se saturan."

Ibn Zaydun. Poeta andalusí (s.XI)


Doble Deluxe. Our Albolafia room gets its name from the mill equipped with a large waterwheel located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, next to the Roman bridge of Córdoba. Located on the ground floor, it has a large window overlooking the majestic central patio, with views of the Arab-Andalusian well. Arranged in a single space of 20 m2, it preserves the original hydraulic floor from the 19th century and has an Arab bathtub or hammam at one end of the room, and at the other, a comfortable bathroom with glass walls, with a rain shower.

"Córdoba, tu rostro es una mezcla de estirpes y colores."

Abu l-Fadl al-Walid. Viajero libanés

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