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This traditional Andalucía nowadays, the Madinat Hotel maintains the appearance of an old-style Casa-Patio run by the bourgeoisie of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Its previous owners include an ex-mayor of the city who was an intimate friend of Julio Romero de Torres and commissioned numerous paintings, including the first poster for the town fair in 1912. The first radio broadcasts in the city were also carried out here in 1929. Its present beauty evokes that period of eclectic modernism through carefully restored features such as rich moulding, original tiles, paintings and furniture.

The Hotel Madinat has 11 rooms which effortlessly blend history with contemporary design, each with its own unique charm. Guests can also enjoy the exclusive hamman and two roof terraces where you can contemplate the historic city and its impressive Mosque-Cathedral with 360º views.

With these ingredients we offer a new kind of hotel with unique local experiences on its doorstep; a hotel which pampers the senses, respects the environment and radiates positive energy thanks to the values of social justice and charity which are the base of this cooperative business.

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